Sunday 24 November 2013

Updating my skills

Another weekend has gone by.... So what happened?

Well I decided to top up my patient contact hours by volunteering to provide medical cover at an event. Usually I'm based in a medical centre, but this time I worked on a mobile response team.... Friday went without much interest.... Only the 1 callout which didn't need our assistance.

Saturday - 3 callouts, 2 of which were categorised as majors.... I was glad of my experience on one of the callouts, which on face value seemed like a minor fainting episode..... But from looking at the patient I decided to transfer him back to the medical centre rapidly... I had already phoned ahead to ensure we had a paramedic and doctor team awaiting our arrival..... After being stabilised with drugs therapy, the patient was then taken by county NHS ambulance to a specialist hospital for further treatment and potential surgery.

Sunday was spent helping restore a 1967 fire engine, which a friend of mine has just purchased through eBay.... Lots of things to do on it.... But seems an interesting project!

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