Saturday 12 April 2014

Importance of a Professional Modern Medic


I am asked why do people chose Face 2 Face Medical Ltd to 

provide their first-aid services?


100% ON TIME 

If we don't turn up on time, we don't expect you to pay for our services.

Firstly we provide a rapid quotation system, both email and feedback forms are linked direct straight through to the management team, so responses can be provided wherever they maybe operating - whether it be in the office or out in the field. 
From the moment you request your quote, to the completion of your event, you will have 1 point of contact



Our image is corporate, practical and respected. We dress to impress. 

Many private ambulance services use green clothing, often trying to impersonate the 999 ambulance service, we don't attempt this. Our clothing is full black, embroidered polo shirts, smart black trousers, and safety footwear, along with quality regatta waterproof clothing to allow team members to work in the most harsh of the British weather.

This option allows team members to remain very discrete if required, but with the added option of providing high visibility clothing. 
Corporate clients often request a low key presence, all of our staff members are available to be deployed in 2 or 3 piece suits to blend in with your crowd dynamics.


We aren't amateurs playing at a professionals game
The chain of survival is a representation of the sequence of events which must take place in any serious medical emergency to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.

It includes the following
  • Early Access - making a call for help, whether it be on-site first-aid services or 999
  • Early CPR - providing a rapid, safe proportionate response, and delivering cardio-pulmonary rescucitation to high standards
  • Early Defibrillation - using either automatic or semi-automatic defibrillators to restart the patients heart to a normal beating rhythm
  • Early Advanced Life Support - providing paramedic and doctor assistance with drug therapy and continued hospital support.

In June 2002 our Managing Director Andy Cottrell joined Royal Berkshire Ambulance Trust (RBAT) as a 999 emergency call-taker (successfully taking in the region of 25,000 life threatening 999 calls), he continued his training and in 2006 was promoted to Senior Control Room Assistant, being responsible for the deployment of 999 paramedic ambulance resources across the region. The London Olympics, Eton Dorney Lake rowing site and Olympic Torch escort team, was the ultimate accalade to his career when he developed the standby and deployment plan.

So as you can see, the company is managed by a person who has an intricate first-hand knowledge of Early Access, can deliver Early CPR and effective Defibrillation and knows the fundamental principles in co-ordinating Early Advanced Support.

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